24 December 2012 | By: Victoria Escobar

Yup, not happening.

It’s going to torture me.  I’m going to go through the holidays with the voices screaming at me, and there’s really nothing I can do about it.  What am I ranting about now you ask?

I’m still trying to write. The key word in that sentence it trying.  I think the basis of this problem is my desk is not in a proper office but in a public room.  Thereof every time I sit down to write someone is talking, or watching movies, or on the phone. 

I’ve resorted to plugging in headphones.  Currently it’s Staind rocking in my ear.  I’ve set up this really cool station on Jango to play all my favor rock artists and then some.  It’s wonderful for curbing distractions.  Except when someone makes sudden moves in the corner of my eye. 

I shouldn’t complain.  I have written 2k words today.  And that’s with working eight hours at the day job.  So I’ve only been writing for two hours or so.  I guess that’s a good amount for two hours. 

I have twelve outlines sitting on my desk waiting to be written.  >_< It’s not like I have a lack of work.  If anything I have a back log of work and I should get kicking. . . but since it is Christmas Eve I think I’ll take a break.  I think that’s what my environment is trying to tell me anyway.  I need a break. 

So, I’ll try.  The last time I tried to take a break from writing I nearly DIED of boredom.  But I stuck it out.  Barely.  I’ll try it again. ^_^ We’ll see how long it lasts this time. 


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