11 September 2013 | By: Victoria Escobar

Indie Life: Busy Little Bee

The Indelibles

Hosted by the Indelibles, Indie Life is a monthly feature on the second Wednesday of the month.  This is a chance for indie authors to post about indie life, find each other, offer support, encouragement, news, helpful hints, and anything else that makes life as an indie author a little easier.

*Goes running after head* I can’t help but feel that way at the moment.  My head has been removed and I’m chasing after it.  I’m so busy these days I’ve not had time to post, well, anything really.  Thank goodness for the Google reminder that I had to post. It’s a welcome break. 

I think what the main problem is I have too many irons in the fire.  Not that I don’t love being busy. It gives me less time for doubt or fear that way, lol. But still. There’s only so much one person can do after all. 

So what am I doing? You wonder. Well, let me tell you. ^_^

I’ve got an innocent NA on the desk of my NEW and FABULOUS editor. Anna from AGC Editing and Services. She is prompt, friendly and cost efficient. I love having her as part of my writing crew. It’s taken a huge burden off me THANK YOU whoever granted that wish. 

I’ve also got a book outstanding now, with a couple of beta readers. While I hope there’s nothing wrong, I really, really wish they’d at least answer an email. I was supposed to have those back on the 5th yeah, didn’t happen so that’s a frustrating worry. I’m not sure what to do about it but send yet, another email. Even if they haven’t gotten to it, I’d still like to know, you know?

I started a YA Paranormal. Starring rabid vampires (that act like wild dogs really) and a dystopian society. A few thousand words in I was giving myself nightmares so I had to stop writing that. >_< Well, not stop entirely, but not live in it for three hours of a day. Which apparently is enough to make my sleep less than pleasant. 

I’ve got an outline for two NA Contemporaries completed.  One is controversial to say the least and I’m really debating whether or not I should go beyond the outline on that one.  It’s certainly not any more shocking that some of the suicide or gay pride stories I’ve read from the genre (it’s not about either), but at the same time I know it’s going to generate a lot of interest and not necessarily the good kind just from its topic.  Part of me feels it needs to be written and the other part is scared of the outcome and what it’s going to take to write it. The other is a simple romance, that really isn’t that simple, but fun, I hope. 

I’ve got to decide though, on what to write next. I can’t sit stagnant much longer or the voices will drive me insane. Since I’m only writing the Vamp thing a few thousand words at a time (if I have that many to write) I need something else for full time writing. I just can’t decide on what. 

I’ve also signed up for a free course from CourseSera.  It’s titled “Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade”. I think it’ll be fun and it certainly can’t hurt any. Besides anything that could potentially make me a better writer is good for the soul. 

So that's been my busy month. ^_^ How was yours?