12 June 2013 | By: Victoria Escobar

Indie Life: UTopYA, and stuff...

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 Wow, another month gone.  Where is the year going?  I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. >_<  What a horrible feeling. Lol. 

Anyway.  Writing is actually moving slower than I had hoped at this point.  I'm twenty to thirty thousand away from completing the first draft of my second book Of Sparta and I feel like I'm pulling teeth every time I sit down to type.  It's ridiculous because I have an outline, I know what I want to happen... my characters though... they've had other ideas and roping them in has been harder than I imagined it would be. *sigh* But it will be done - hopefully shortly. ^_^

I've got my first convention as a published author at the end of the month. *enter hysterical scream here* I'm not a panelist - yet - but I'm still anxious as all get out. I've been to conventions before but NOTHING like this.  

So the convention is UTopYA.  It's being held in Nashville, TN.  I'm driving 15 hours with Mel from Girls Heart Books as my co-pilot. The driving part doesn't worry me so much as I'm going to be going as a PUBLISH AUTHOR. OMG. What if I make a total donkey out of myself? I know I"m certainly going to fangirl over a couple of my favorite authors that will be in attendance. 

Also, we'll be going to The Grand Ole Opry on the Friday we're there.  That's going to be just as fricking awesome as the convention itself.  I'm excited/nervous. 

I just hope that I learn a lot (I've got panels scheduled back to back) and that I have a great taken home experience. ^_^ I'm certainly going to get pictures with as many as possible. 

That's all that's new this month.  I'll certainly update with the valuable insight of the other authors next month. 

How is everyone else doing in the writer's world?

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