24 May 2014 | By: Victoria Escobar

Cover Reveal for Peerless

It's finally that time again. A huge shout out must be given and tons thank yous to Art is Life: Cover and Art Design for their fabulous work and tireless patience in creating this cover! 

A little about the book: 
Expected Publication: June 3th, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy

She has no people. She has no family. She is the last of her kind but which of the immortal races. No one knows.

Tiranna stopped looking for her ancestors long ago. Instead, she lives life as she chooses. She is an anomaly on the fringes of Peerless society.

By accident and chance, Tiranna is dragged into the growing anxiety of the Peerless. Evil grows bolder, and they are being targeted.

Tiranna suspects the face it wears and hopes she's wrong. She's faced him before and barely survived. Facing him again could mean facing death.

This time there would be no room for error.

And now the grand moment everyone’s been waiting for:

And the Full Spread:

What do you think? It's it exciting?


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