11 December 2013 | By: Victoria Escobar

Indie Life: The Happenings

The Indelibles

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What happened to the year?  It feels like I’ve blinked and the year is gone.  And Christmas is right around the corner and I haven’t started shopping. 

So I missed last month bad me BUT I was writing in NaNoWriMo and so I really don’t remember much of last month but the mad dash to 50k. ^_^ Pariah is going well, too and hopefully I can get it turned around for a May/June release. *crosses fingers*

I did an internet radio interview last night with Shannon Delany.  If you want you can actually relisten to it here.  (I think I sound like a guy and sound really young I am not that young I swear. Lol) I was completely nervous the whole time though Shannon made the entire event easy and fun.  I learned a lot from that. 

I did a cover reveal without the use of a blog tour agency and that was an experience.  I always thought a blog tour company was a must but apparently it’s not.  There were a lot of really cool bloggers that were willing to post a cover reveal without bribery. ^_^ It was definitely a lesson learned. 

I have a book release coming in January and I’m debating on a release day event or not.  Budgets right after Christmas are tough and I’ll be lucky to squeeze enough out for my editor.  Though if I did have the funds I should probably do a blog tour instead of a release day event which one is better does anyone know?

There’s another release slotted for March too good grief I feel busier than I probably am I blame NaNo.  I’m also tackling a Beta read for a fellow author but that is slow going.  I’m hoping to carve out more time for that too. 

Hm apparently this month is the month of learning as I’ve learned a bunch of new tricks between posts.  I’ve semi-mastered InDesign.  I shouldn’t use the word master I should probably say adequately proficient.  Which of course thrills me to the bone.  I love having that MUCH easier way of formatting books. 

What has everyone else been up to?



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