07 May 2013 | By: Victoria Escobar

Indie Life: Nice weather and Such...

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Wow.  Is it May already?  Time certainly does fly. I've been enjoying the nice weather since it's FINALLY gotten warm here in upstate New York.  I've found that the rest and relaxation is as much a necessary part of writing as actually writing.  

Those that read through last month's Indie Life know I joined a Fast Draft challenge.  (70k works in two weeks) The fast drafting didn't end well.  T_T  It ended with a migraine on my part.  I think what it comes down to, is pushing too hard much faster than I'm used to pushing.  ^_^ It fried my brain.  Though I did learn a lot from it.  Maybe I'll try ramping up to it sometime over this summer.  

I've been listening to a lot of audio books and doing some major reading.  I wish there was an audio book lending agency like Netflix.  One flat rate and as many books as I'd like to listen to in a month. Or it could even work like Gamefly - one flat rate and I get one book at a time but I get the next book as soon as I return the first. I'd be game for that. ^_^ (I've found audible to be kind of expensive for what it offers.)

On another note I've joined a local writer's group this past week as well.  As I'm progressing in writing I felt that it was time to find a group of other writers to critique and provide guidance so that I can better grow.  Even after only one meeting I feel I've learned quite a lot.  I'm very excited to keep learning from these people and to hopefully be able to provide my incite to help them as well. 

I am still on the hunt for an editor.  Once I finish Of Sparta and Terrene Gates I'll definitely need someone to go through it - other than myself.  I'm just not a good editor. 

Other than that I really have no news to provide.  I've been slowing it down and taking each day as they come.  I'm writing about 2k a week at the moment and have divided my attention between three projects (the other unmentioned one is a joint effort with a few writing pals) that will hopefully all be ready for release some time next year.  

Slow an steady wins the race.  And I'm certainly at that pace at the moment. How is everyone else doing?

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Lauren said...

I heard about a three day challenge at a writing conference and decided on my own version--I make myself write 1000 words in an hour. Not 50k in three days, not 8000 words a day--just an hour at a time. I find it's doable, and I'm consistently doing 4000 words per day. But I worked up to it.


Nick Wilford said...

70k in 2 weeks? I thought NaNo was hardcore. Kudos for giving it a go.

I'm just setting up as a freelance editor, the aim being to provide affordable rates to indie authors. If you'd like to talk, shoot me an email: mcwilfo(at)gmail(dot)com. Good luck with all your projects! :)

Jennifer Recchio said...

Hmm, editors. I love my editor over at Red Adept Publishing. You might give them a try. They're pretty affordable, too.

And on the subject of another fast draft challenge, if you're still up for it, how about June? :) Once I get all these May novellas done, I'll be doing an 80k book in June, so it would be perfect for me.

@Lauren I do three day novels every year, and they're more like three day novellas. My longest one is about 30k. I've heard of people doing 50k, but I'm not quite at that level. It's a fun challenge. There's nothing like completely immersing yourself in your book for three whole days.

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