20 March 2013 | By: Victoria Escobar

Release Day

As the day winds to an end I’m filled with the profound sense of relief.  Release day is over.  The stress of getting it right, of participating blogs in the blog tour is over.

Do I have any sales? No.  

Does that discourage me? Not at all.

Instead I’m thankful.  I’m thankful for all the people that supported this endeavor.  I’m thankful for all the blogs participating in the blog tour in this coming week.  I’m thankful because I made it to today. 

I will be frank.  I wanted to give up.  There were moments when there was nothing I wanted to do more than give up, trash the entire manuscript and go about my life as if I wasn’t plagued with visions of a story that wouldn’t type out correctly.  

Instead I had friends that threatened me in all manners of ways if I gave up.  Friends that believed even when I didn’t.  Friends that didn’t call me crazy, but instead called me well crazy. Lol. 

Even with the way things stand at the end of today I feel successful.  I am successful.  I am successful because I finished.  I am successful because I never gave up.  Even if I make nothing from this, I’ve learned so much from this experience there is no way for me to feel anything other than successful.  

It’s time to start on the second book, and hopefully not make the mistakes that I made for the first one again.  I’m hoping to make new mistakes, so I can learn from those as well.  A lessoned learned is always an accomplishment in my book. 

I’ve even posted a cute little status bar thingy in the margin.  To keep track of progress.  For myself and for anyone that wants to see.  Each word is progress.  And progress is, well, always an accomplishment.  

What I’m trying to say is thank you, I’m not giving up and I’m moving forward.  For everyone that made this the best day of my life. (To date).  You are great, awesome, wonderful people and you mean a lot to me. 

And as Confucius would say (or maybe it’s Aristotle) “The only way to fail is not to get up when you fall.” Or something close to that. (I’m not looking it up.).  To everyone that’s struggling and thinking about giving up don’t.  Keep going.  You’ll make it.  I’m sure of it. 
P.S. For those that want it - You can make purchase on Amazon for both Ebook or Paperback HERE.


Inger Iversen said...

Good Luck Victoria!! It will happen. This sales will start, slow at first, but they will come. :)

Mel Lana said...

Damn right I wouldn't let you give up! :) The sales will come :) I'm super proud of you!

E. Arroyo said...

Good for you! Don't ever stop. =)

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